How To Meet An Escort And Hookups

JJ 0 Comments. Many people think that finding an escort and having sex with her is as easy as calling her, giving her the money, and then getting laid. But newbies who decide to find and date an escort realize there are some unanticipated pitfalls and landmines with escorts. Some of the things they start to realize:. Your challenge with escorts is to avoid the pitfalls. I have the best answers and solutions. When these thoughts start to mind, you realize that the world of escorts is more complicated than you originally thought.

Step 1 — Find an escort who you are attracted to AND who is a good provider. This step is the most important in the process. Selecting a good escort will make the remaining steps a lot easier. Obviously, selecting a bad escort will make the following steps hell, and perhaps unrecoverable.

for an in-depth, detailed explanation on how to find an escort. But here are the basics. You must first look at where escorts advertise. The largest sites are:. There could be smaller regional sites in your area and they are good resources if they exist , but the larger sites are a good place to start. But you also want to look out for possible scam escorts. Here are some warning s to look for:. Good research will reveal the truth. If you are still concerned about your selection, here is an advanced strategy for verifying if she is a good escort or not.

Step 2: Get prepared for your call. I cannot stress this enough: the purpose of the call is to set your appointment, nothing else. A common newbie mistake is asking her questions about different sex acts during your phone call. This is a huge no-no. Proper research is essential not just to protect yourself and to get the woman you want, but also to secure a date with her too. Not being prepared will jeopardize your changes with her and most escorts. Research as much as you can about your chosen woman.

Most good escorts will have a website with general information and answers to commonly asked questions. With her ad, along with her website, you should find most of your questioned answered. If you want to take an advanced approach, check with review sites for reviews of her from your fellow hobbyists.

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Obviously, for the most part, the reason is: S-E-X. It can all be quite overwhelming, says Lucie. Before getting into the industry she had experience on the other end, when she was booking a sex worker for herself. It can be hard to know what to look for and how exactly to choose. There are so many rules around advertising when it comes to sex work that it can be quite hard to decifer.

And see if other workers are promoting them as well. Ideally you want everyone to feel good about the experience. And then, when it comes to the booking itself, pay attention to what the worker is saying and asking of you. Most importantly, both you and the workers need to feel safe and usually they will have been clear about their expectations and boundaries.